Elianna James, President

Who do you turn to when questions come up about accessibility? Is that the responsibility of development, IT, Product Management, Customer Service or your sales professionals?

I Break Websites LLC evaluates and guides businesses about their accessibility needs. We workon UX (User Experience) within the Accessibility space. There are many fine companies that provide UX insights and recommendations. We are available for those times when UX is simply not enough.

Customer Service, Product Management

“Why doesn’t your website work with JAWS screenreader?”

Product Management,  Business Strategist

“How come you are not captioning your videos? I’m deaf and I can’t access them.”

Development, Business Analyst, UX Team

“I’m a customer and I want to be able to fill out your forms and order goods but the software won’t let me do so using my keyboard.”

Sales, Marketing

“I want to buy your products, but I need a VPAT before I can get authorization.”

Legal Department, Development, Product Development

My children attend your school. Now that you’ve upgraded to handling all the parent communications to the web I can’t participate because I’m blind and the messages can’t be read by my assistive technology.”

These are just samples of what your customers, potential customers, clients and others to whom you relate may be asking today. Or they may ask them tomorrow.

Are you ready with the answers? We can help you!

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