Consultations on these services:

Strategic Methods

Expert help advising you where you fit in the larger accessibility picture. How to position your company in a positive light re accessibility and Section 508/ WCAG 2.0.


Document your company’s approach to accessibility in the 21st Century. Prepare for audits before the DOJ or any other entity writes you a warning letter.

Technical Training

Tool up your Development/ QA departments to quickly and least expensively make sure your software complies with Section 508 (ADA) standards and WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Educate your team on automation options, test strategies and the latest development resources.

Cultural Accessibility Training

Train your Customer Service department how to diplomatically, respectfully and resourcefully handle the questions. Include JAN guidelines and suggestions in your HR department materials. Train all levels of managers so small issues remain small.

Procurement Processes

Suggest processes that will work for you to establish a chain of command and responsibility. Learn the latest in procurement rules and strategies for small, medium and large ICT organizations. Find out about what VPATs mean to you, either as a vendor or a customer. Learn about VPAT 2.0 which will be accompanying the refreshed Section 508 rules.

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