A Customer is a Customer

A customer is a customer. But some customers are different. Some have special needs. Actually they all have special needs and since they are customers we want to know what they are.

When talking about demographics any successful business person knows that it is important to identify what motivates and encourages their customers. Interest in your industry (sports fan for a sports related product, for instance) make it more likely they will buy.

Nearly a fifth of Americans have some kind of disability, and they have an annual discretionary income of $200 billion. As spendthrift baby-boomers enter their golden years, these numbers are expected to rise.” – the Economist – April 25, 2015

Let’s back that up a bit – $200 Billlion!! We all want as large a piece of that market as we can get. JPMorgan Chase certainly does.They are in the hiring process of a Managing Director, calling the title Head of Accessibility Affairs. This person will consolidate and lead the $2.6 trillion company in the area of Accessibility.

A fascinating, first hand account of shopping by a woman who is temporarily experiencing the need to use a mart cart while awaiting knee surgery.


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